1. Appreciate that you own a marketing business that markets products and services. If your time is spent mainly on the technical or in delivery and distribution you will never make enough money! The money is in the marketing!
  2. Focus on Goldmine Products and Services with a maximum of 25% cost of sales and be of a high enough price to support marketing, overheads and make a great profit. The maths must work.
  3. Charging out time is not enough – Charge out other people’s time, charge your own time at a premium, add products with good margin.
  4. Identify markets first and products second.
  5. Niche – narrow and deep.
  6. Differentiate on value. What do you offer that is different to your competitors?
  7. Outrageous Guarantee
  8. Powerful Offer(s)
  9. Use testimonials in writing, audio and on video, before and after photos.
  10. Give away free educational information to build a database and generate leads.
  11. Use the power of other people’s databases – Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Host Beneficiaries.
  12. Tap into your customer’s greed factor – run competitions with great prizes.
  13. Use the Internet well. Google Adwords, video testimonials and lots more!
  14. Develop emotionally charged copy (Employ a copy writer or learn the principles) Powerful words on paper sell! Develop powerful headlines and use a copywriting checklist.
  15. Test and measure all marketing to determine what works.
  16. Use direct response marketing strategies in all media.
  17. Build a proactive referral strategy so your customers become your sales force.
  18. Employ sales people.
  19. Have a back end as well as a front end. Once you have paid for customers keep selling to them and keep them coming back.